The good life awaits you in the countryside
Do not let this opportunity pass you by! Arcadia Winery and Vineyard is now on the market. Consider the Covid-19 Pandemic as a nudge for you to make that shift to the life that you’ve always dreamed of. Rural life away from the sights and sounds of the city, more importantly, away from the congestion, traffic, and threat of infection from the pandemic. Immerse yourself in the country, with rolling hills, vineyards, and fresh air, and a great opportunity to make your own wine, produce and income.

Arcadia Winery and Vineyard is a win-win opportunity for people who are tired of city living, with the option of working from home, plus, the endless possibility that the land offers - AirBnB rentals, Destination Weddings, Boutique Winery, and more!

It is time to make the shift if you are concerned by recent events and to choose to re-evaluate your living conditions and lifestyle to shift to more gentle and peaceful days.


Running Airbnb Units Within The Property

Arcadia Vineyard is located at Mount Barker, Western Australia. It is within the area of the Great Southern’s wine-producing region. A perfect location for weekend visitors, exploring the wineries and vineyards. It is three and a half-hour drive south of Perth, right in the village of Kendenup. The perfect location for weekend getaways.

Destination Wedding Venue

Because of on-going travel restrictions, brides and grooms are looking for places safe enough to travel to, yet offer the most romantic sights for an idyllic wedding venue.

Cafe & Tastings

Cafe and Wine Tasting Bar

Now is your time to shine in and out of the kitchen. If you’ve been cooped up in an office when you’d rather be cooking sumptuous meals and entertaining paying guests, Arcadia Vineyard is the great place to start your own F&B business.

Create The Wine That You’ve Always Wanted

You’ve always wanted to make your own wine with its special personality and nuances that you know discerning wine drinkers will appreciate. Boutique wineries are a fast-growing industry, as more independent winemakers are breaking through into commercial markets yet keeping the integrity of their fruit, ageing, and bottling process. 


Live Off Your Own Land

The call for going back to nature can include living off the land, growing your own fruits and vegetables as well as keeping chickens, sheep, or goats. Now more than ever, we need sustainable sources of food-safe and free from pesticides and chemicals. This is your chance to grow and be more productive on and off your desktop.

Arcadia Vineyard has everything you need: a beautiful house with 3 bedrooms and 3 toilets and baths; good Wi-Fi connection for telecommuting; orchards, olive grove, and two dongas for storage. Click here for more information.
Do not miss this opportunity to own a great property that offers different opportunities for extra income and to live your dreams, free from worries of the ongoing pandemic and other hazards of city life.
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If you would like to know more about your options with Arcadia Vineyard, contact us today and we will send you full details on what the property offers, including facilities, a list of hardware and supplies, and vehicles.

When city living is no longer a viable option for you and your family due to the ongoing pandemic, city congestion, and pollution, shifting lifestyle and living is inevitable. Now you can have the option that every person dreams of – your own vineyard, winery, and farm all in one.