The amazing views of the Stirling Range inspired the name ARCADIA, much used in Greek and Roman poetry as a place where people were believed to enjoy the perfect life. For us, it's a place to enjoy good wine, good food and good friends. The ever changing panorama of the Stirling Range makes for the perfect setting in which to do just that.

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When we first travelled to Kendenup we discovered our own piece of rural paradise. ARCADIA is a family run single vineyard on Red Gum Pass Road, Kendenup Western Australia. The vineyard was first planted in 1997 on slopes that dip into the picturesque creek known locally as Dead Man’s Creek.

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Inspired by the beautiful vista we named our property ARCADIA. It is a much used in Greek and Roman poetry to describe a place where people were believed to enjoy the perfect life. For us, that is a place to enjoy good wine and good friends.

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Now we welcome people from far and wide to share our view for a quick visit or even a group event. The Great Southern is a magical wine region that is home to many wineries. We recommend many, some as intimate as ours, where the person who serves your wine is almost always the owner.

Excited by our visitors feedback of enjoying our wines so much, we’ve introduced an ongoing special offer for our biggest fans. Get your friends together (or have it all for yourself) and save up to 30% on our Mates Crates program.

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Set between the two famous ranges of the Great Southern, Arcadia Wines is an excellent stop on the way to visiting either the Stirling Range or Porongurup Range for a hike or sightseeing.

There’s plenty to do so be sure to stay a while in the region. Visit mountbarkertourismwa.com.au and theamazingsouthcoast.com to plan your trip.