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Accidental Tree Changers.

Two weeks to go and I am beginning to think we can’t be allowed to be let loose on our own.

It must have been a mid life crisis or something. I don’t know, but here we are, both into our 50’s and we have made a decision on the spur of the moment, a weak moment or a mad moment or perhaps even a moment of revelation! Anyhow here we both are, his interest is mining and mine is counselling and we made the decision to buy a vineyard. Of course, what else, natural procession of things I would have thought. Now, two weeks before the great adventure begins, we decided to get our own yard here in suburbia into some sort of order. We have pruned the Hibiscus’s, pruned the rose’s (they are late again, but never mind) mowed the lawn, prepared the patio again for summer, water, weeded and sprayed. We have started on making the picket fence we have been going to do now for ten years. We can’t leave it without a fence of course! It is only 1.00pm and we feel as if we have been working all day. John has bandages on two fingers. And another two fingers with deep burns. I have paint all over me, one huge splinter in my thumb and no fingernails left.

I have changed my way thinking. I was wondering if the kids would all get along ok without us in their neighborhood, if they would be able to manage on their own.   Now I am wondering what the hell they were thinking, letting us think, that we could possibly manage this on our own!

It is all their fault. We planned an escape and they didn’t stop us!  We’d never have let them do this to themselves!

Four pm and friends have arrived, a good excuse to down tools, wash of the blood and open a bottle of wine, or two. Perhaps more friends will come and then we could open three.

By six, the BBQ is on, the patio looks good, we are mellowed and once again things are fine, panic is over and the idea of living and working on our own vineyard is exciting and maybe we can manage the work without too much damage to ourselves or the vineyard and maybe the kids will come down occasionally and help. Maybe pink pigs will fly. And maybe, just maybe we will drink all the wine and think all is well!

And it is. We finally managed to get enough stock to be able to enter some wine shows and were thrilled to come away with awards.