Welcome to Arcadia Vineyard, located in the Great Southern’s most exciting wine producing region, Mount Barker, WA. Situated about 3.30 hours drive South of Perth in the peaceful village of Kendenup.

‘ARCADIA’ is a family run single vineyard on Red Gum Pass Road, Kendenup W.A. The vineyard was first planted in 1997 on slopes that dip into the picturesque creek known locally as “Dead Man’s Creek.”
When we first travelled to Kendenup we discovered our own piece of rural paradise.

Stirling Range


The amazing views of the Stirling Range inspired the name “ARCADIA”, much used in Greek and Roman poetry as a place where people were believed to enjoy the perfect life. For us a place to enjoy good wine, good food and good friends.

The ever changing panorama of the Stirling Range makes for the perfect setting in which to do just that.

Stirling Range at dawn Stirling Range Stirling Range Sunrise